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    Guide: Turning off vsync for nvidia & ATI



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    Guide: Turning off vsync for nvidia & ATI

    Indlæg  Zeruzzer on Man apr 13, 2009 4:54 pm

    Thats part of this topic Guide: Good help to get good FPS/PING

    I am using the latest 169.21 forceware drivers for Nvidia and Catalyst version 7.3 for my ATI card

    Anyway, normally you should right click anywhere on the desktop, and click on NVIDIA Control panel and you will get this window pop up

    Click on "3D settings"

    Then you will get a window with something like this on it

    click on the "take me there" link and it will send you towards the 3D settings page,


    Alternatively if you can see the menu on the side, then click that

    scroll down and check that vertical sync is either forced off, like in my picture Big grin

    And there you have it, vsync off


    Similar way to get to the control panel like nvidia, right click on the desktop and click the catalyst control center (which should be the default software you have running for it) and you should get the CCC to load up

    After being presented with this screen, manage your way to "3D" then click on all settings

    Scroll down once in the all settings bit, for some odd reason, ATI dont label the feature "VSYNC" they call it vertical refresh, no idea why. Anyway turn it so that its always off

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